Jesse E. Smith, MD, FACS

Saving Face

Upon arrival at the well-appointed Dallas/Fort Worth rejuvenation facilities of Dr. Jesse E. Smith, patients are put at ease by water fountains and a lovely décor reminiscent of a refined retreat.

“I want to treat my clients to the feel of a five star resort. From the first moment to the last, their ease and comfort is top priority,” says Dr. Smith.

Injectable Medications and Fillers

Everyone’s face is quite different, so there is no cookie cutter recipe I subscribe to.

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Dr. Smithperforms surgeries such as rhinoplasty and DEEP PLANE FACELIFTS to give his patients longlasting benefits and results that address their aging and cosmetic concerns. “I mostly use an open rhinoplasty technique, allowing better visualization of the anatomy of the nose,” says Dr. Smith. In terms of facelift procedures, he often combines surgery with fat grafting to add volume and dimension back into the aging face. “We tighten underlying muscles and redistribute fat deposits, but facelift surgery often doesn’t address volume loss; however, fat grafting allows us to restore that third dimension to the aging face—volume. Because we are using the patient’s own fat, the success rate is high.” In conjunction with these procedures, fillers such as Sculptra® and Juvéderm® are used to fill in hollows and lines. “Today there is an ever increasing number of options for patients, but I am excited about the EVER-EVOLVING PRODUCTS that are currently in development. Laser and light therapies are improving, and the injectables are an expanding market that offer patients more choices than ever. Combining these products with different surgeries gives our patients COUNTLES PATHS TO TAKE to restore youth and symmetry.”

Humanitarian Work