Chin Implants in Ft Worth

Having a weak or pointed chin can cause the face’s proportions to be less than desirable for many patients. Many men want a stronger chin to balance the face and to create a more harmonious look for all of their features. With a chin implant or sliding genioplasty, you can get the chin you have always wanted.

Getting chin plastic surgery can give you a higher degree of self-confidence as it lends balance to your face. Dr. Jesse Smith can discuss with you the different sizes and shapes of implants and chin movement procedures that will give you the change in appearance you want.

With the right chin, the proportions of your face will change for the better, and you will love the way all of your features come together as a result.


What Can I Expect After Surgery?

Chin Implants Post-Op Instructions
Chin Implants Post-Op Instructions

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