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A Dallas-Fort Worth Rhinoplasty specialist, Jesse E Smith, MD, FACS, is not your average plastic surgeon. He is specially trained in facial plastic surgery, a rigorous additional course of study focusing only on cosmetic surgery of the face. He is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Smith has performed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures.

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Otoplasty is cosmetic or reconstructive surgery done on the external ear. Some people have otoplasty on a birth defect or to repair an injury. Others choose otoplasty to alter the position, shape, or size of the ears.

Both adults and kids alike can have ear surgery, and it may be something you are considering yourself. Before you decide to take the plunge and move forward, it is important to be certain that you know what distinguishes otoplasty from a procedure that is called earlobe repair.

Is Ear Pinning a Form of Otoplasty?

Ear pinning is a procedure in which overly prominent ears are repositioned to fit closer to the head. This procedure is sometimes called otoplasty, although it is far from the only form. With ear pinning, most people who get the procedure are children. However, some adults also seek out ear pinning after childhood.

One perk of ear pinning is that it is done as an outpatient, so you can typically go home directly after the procedure. The surgeon will work to reposition the ears by removing excess skin and cartilage, and place sutures to make sure that the ear cartilage stays in the desired position. Once the surgery is complete, compression dressings will be used to ensure the ears stay in the new location during the initial phase of healing.

What About Ear Reduction?

Ear reduction is another type of otoplasty. In this case, it makes the ears more proportionate and smaller. This is especially useful for patients who have a deformity known as macrotia. Macrotia is simply defined as having ears that are much larger than most would consider normal.

During this surgery, the surgeon has the option to work with the bottom of the ear, the top of the ear, or the entire ear. The preferred option will depend on a patient’s specific needs.

Is Earlobe Repair Considered Otoplasty?

Yes, another form of otoplasty is earlobe repair. This procedure is chosen to correct torn earlobes, ear lobes that dangle too much, previous gauge placement, or misshapen ear lobes. This type of damage may occur due to an injury or wearing extremely heavy, or large, earrings.

If you are not familiar with gauging, it occurs when someone uses plugs or tapers of increasing widths in order to stretch the earlobes. In some situations, the person who has had gauging done will choose earlobe repair to restore the ears to their initial condition and appearance.

Ear lobule repair is another surgery that is done as an outpatient. If the injury happened recently, Dr. Smith may be able to use specialized techniques to bring the earlobe back together. If the injury happened in the past, more work is required. It is also more challenging to restore an elongated earlobe to its shape and size.

In some of these situations, Dr. Smith will need to remove soft tissue in order to reconstruct the ear. The procedure can be fully customized to meet the needs and desires of the patient.

Otoplasty, including earlobe repair, can make a huge difference in the lives of those who have injuries to their ears. It can also be used to make the ears more aesthetically pleasing. If you are considering otoplasty, get in touch with us to learn more!