• Dr Smith is professional, cares about his patients, does not push unnecessary procedures. He is knowledgeable in his chosen field, he doesn’t sugar coat procedures and recovery. staff are professional & polite, office is clean and uncluttered. There are elevators for mobility impaired, restrooms are clean and well kept.

    Susan T. *

  • Where do I start? Dr. Smith and his team are amazing! Each and every one of them treat you like you are the most important person there. They are not afraid of your questions, in fact, they encourage them. Dr. Smith had to perform a very in depth procedure on my mom’s face for her cancer. She was pretty distraught about it before she went to her initial consultation with him. Dr. Smith and Sheri took the time to console her, explained everything in detail to both of us and showed us pictures of what to expect. We both left feeling so much better! After the first surgery, Dr Smith explained EXACTLY what he did and why. He even drew me a picture so I could completely understand. When we had questions after surgery, someone was available immediately to answer our questions every time. Every single visit to the office was a delight. Michelle is amazing! She knows her stuff and loves to show/tell you how and why they do what they do. They truly care about each and every patient. They take the time to personally talk with you, not just type notes in a computer and never look at you. Dr. Smith’s work is phenomenal! We are on step 2 of a possible 3-4 step process and it looks amazing! I am so excited to see the end result. And let’s not forget Cassie, the therapy dog. What a GREAT blessing she is. She is there to help calm patients. She is so sweet and calm herself. Dr. Smith and his team are a great model of what a doctor’s office should look like, run like and treat others like.

    S. M. *

  • I became a patient of Dr. Jesse Smith on October 24, 2018 when I saw him for my consultation for Stage 1 Mohs Reconstruction Nose surgery. I was very nervous about the procedure and had seen pictures on the internet that really worried me. Dr. Smith and his staff were so good about explaining what he was going to do. Sherry took the time to show me pictures of the procedures he has done and said the ones I saw on the internet were not done by Dr. Smith. She assured me I would have a good experience and made me feel so much better about having the procedure done. I had my surgery on November 1, 2018 and everything went well. Dr. Smith and his staff are all so caring and compassionate, I have never had such a comforting feeling from a doctor’s office. They check me weekly and if I have any questions or concerns, I can call Michelle anytime and she gets back with me immediately. This is such a relief to be able to have an immediate response, it really helps a patient feel comfortable, I wish all doctors were more responsive to their patients. I had my Stage 2 Mohs surgery on February 5, 2019 and I am doing great. This reconstruction process takes a long time, but I am so glad I had Dr. Smith and all his staff taking care of me.

    Gerry G. *

  • I go to Dr. Smith for my fillers and I am very happy I do! He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I always feel in good hands when I’m with him. I even recommended my mom here and she got fillers as well, and is now thinking of coming back for Botox. I also love how you get high quality care and cosmetic procedures for an amazing price! Great staff, great doctor, great care, for great prices. You can’t beat that!

    Erika R. *

  • Dr. Smith was a lucky find for me. I suffered from an extreme deviated septum that impacted my breathing and was ugly to boot! I went to Dr. Smith initially due to ear issues. While under his care, my ear issues have been minimized, he referred me to a knowledgeable allergist that helped me find a solution to allergies that were causing me headaches, and he also diagnosed a tmj issue that I have that was missed by several other doctors. In my opinion, he is the type of doctor that gets straight to the point and does his very best to find the solution. He is solution driven and they may be off putting for some patients based on other reviews that I have read, but not me. He refused to work on my nose until he was certain that I did not have sinusitis. I appreciate that as I would have had issues down the line without that clarification. His work on my nose is nothing short of phenomenal. My extreme deviated septum is corrected and the cosmetic solution is just beautiful. I really hope he uses my photos to show proof of what a talented doctor he really is. And guess what else…I can breathe!!!

    Amber D. *

  • Dr. Smith is truly one of a kind. Fantastic surgeon who truly cares about his patients. His expertise and artistry with fillers and botox is amazing! I love the results every single time. Subtle, natural, more youthful. He did a rhinoplasty on my daughter after an accident and her nose is absolutely beautiful. Nothing but praise for Dr. Smith and his wonderful staff!

    Donna H. *

  • Dr. Jesse Smith is a brilliant doctor, and an extremely skilled surgeon with a keen aesthetic eye. He is also the kindest, most caring and compassionate man. This is why I’ve been his patient (medical and elective) for ten years. Being in my late fifties I started noticing the “dreaded jowls,” and knowing I was in good hands I turned to Dr. Smith. He performed a face/neck lift and I am (as I knew I would be) so happy! Dr. Smith is an artist and I feel so blessed to be one of his masterpieces.

    Darcie M. *

  • Dr. Smith and his staff are the best! Sweet, caring, and provide excellent service. I had a MOHS surgery on my nose, and Dr. Smith did the wound repair which consisted of a skin graft taken from my hairline. (Bonus facelift, score!) Six months later, and you can’t even tell I had anything done!

    Trisha K. *

  • Dr. Smith is amazing. He’s a brilliant doctor and extremely skilled in his field. He repaired my nose and face after a major accident I had when I was young. To say he changed my life after the surgery is an understatement. I’m eternally grateful for all he has done and continues to do. He is so caring and wants his patients to be happy with their results.

    Meredith D. *

  • Excellent experience. Both my husband and I have seen Dr Smith for separate reasons. One for ENT and one for Migraines/Botox. He is very skilled at what he does. Would highly recommend Dr. Smith!

    Vanessa P. *

  • My son recently had a birthmark removed from his face at the age of 22. Dr. Jessie Smith was highly recommended and we could not be more pleased with the results!! We were apprehensive about the surgery just due to the location and the worry of the scar and healing. I cannot believe the outcome and how wonderful it looks! He’s lived with it his whole life… and Jessie said “there’s no reason for that to still be on his face! I cannot recommend Dr. Jessie Smith and his staff enough! We are beyond pleased!! ❤️

    Jamie S. *

  • Jesse Smith is a incredible surgeon he did a tremendous job fixing my deviated septum.Would highly recommend to someone thinking of having nose surgery.

    Jon H. *

  • Dr. Smith is an amaaaazing surgeon and his team is wonderful as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am after having my Asian double eyelid surgery performed by Dr. Smith. I have been wanting to have this procedure done for over 20 years because I have been reluctant to choose and trust a surgeon to do this for me. I am so glad I chose Dr. Smith and I couldn’t be more happy with the results! The results are very natural and he gave me exactly what I wanted. Dr. Smith and his team, especially Amy and Shasta, were very personable, friendly and professional. They answered any questions I had promptly and helped ease my anxiety prior to my surgery. Dr. Smith and his team even followed-up with with me daily until my post-op appointment. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. SMITH!!!!

    Andrea L. *

  • Dr. Jesse Smith is amazing! Truly a magician with his work, he made an irregularity on my face go away. The process was great, they explained everything to me throughout. I felt confident with my decision and that I was in good hands. The office staff is wonderful as well always in best mood when I come in! I recommend Dr. Jesse Smith!

    Grant K. *

  • Dr. Jesse Smith has been my go-to doctor for dermatology issues for years. I’ve been very pleased with the medical outcomes of his treatments and the professionalism of his office and staff. I would highly recommend to anyone that they consider his services. He has a wonderful work ethic which I always appreciate.

    Cliff C. *

  • My experience w/Dr. Jesse Smith has been very positive. I am very pleased w/his work as well as his bedside manners. The first procedure he performed for me was Botox, great placement and it lasted so long. I have had Botox performed by several various doctors in Ft Worth and so far, Dr. Jesse Smith is top notch in my books. During our first visit I told him about a very bad experience I had w/fillers performed by another local Doctor. I really wanted to try it again but wasn’t sure I should even risk it. Moving forward, Dr Smith took the time to listened to my story which was long, he looked at all my pictures during that time & discussed the possible causes for the problems… He told me he would be comfortable injecting fillers for me should I decided to try it again. He injected a little filler in my hand just to test for any negative reaction. So, months later I decided I’d try fillers w/Dr. Smith, I am so glad I did! He recently did the area around my mouth, marionette lines and lips… I am loving it! Several of my friends have been going to Dr. Smith for several years & they have a tremendous amount of confidence in him. I might mention they look great & his work looks very natural. I just wish I had started off w/him from the beginning. I have never felt pushed or any pressure to try any procedure. I trust him & feel like I am in very good hands not only w/his talent, but also should I run into any problems. I am extremely pleased & looking forward to my next treatment. I also have the upmost confidence in Dr. Jesse Smith.

    Holly N. *

  • I’m 42 years old, and have been going to Jesse Smith for Botox, filler and laser for approximately 4 years now. Let me say, Jesse is an artist and does fantastic work. If it wrinkles, sags, spots or craters, Dr. smith can fix it! He’s also very professional, honest adn a kind hearted person. I’m in the public eye at times, so I’m grateful to have such a great doctor that cares that I don’t look tired. Thank you Jesse, you make our lives better!

    Clare M. *

  • I was skeptical at first about getting Botox or fillers, but Dr. Smith was great, and I can see a big difference. He is very good and professional. The staff at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery are welcoming and kind. Highly recommend Dr. Jesse Smith!

    Anonymous *

  • I have been coming to see Dr. Smith and Jennifer Schumacher for almost 5 years now. Living in Southlake, we are lucky to have so many choices in our doctors and aestheticians. I have never once been disappointed in the care which I have received. My skin is very important to me and therefore I am quite choosy when it comes to picking someone to care for it. I do quite a bit of research on my own in regard to products, doctors and treatments.

    Dr. Smith has an extremely keen eye for aesthetics and I am so genuinely pleased that he has continued to enable me to look much younger. He takes his time to listen to my concerns and always ensures that we are both in synchronization.

    Jennifer certainly knows her treatments and how to “read” what my skin requires. She has continuously provided excellent service for me. My skin truly looks amazing and I am not shy to mention the many compliments which I have received. I see Jennifer regularly!

    Both have contributed greatly to my skin care and I am deeply grateful! The clinic offers a variety of treatments and choices. The medical field is always coming out with new advances in skin care. Here, I can find new and well-researched and tested remedies which keep me looking my personal best. Dr. Smith and Jennifer have always been forthcoming and very kind to me. In fact, my entire family comes here as well!

    Birte H. *

  • Dr. Smith is very caring about his patients. He always listens and takes his time to answer all of my questions. Dr. Smith wants to be on the same page about my personal aesthetic concerns. In tailoring the care I want, he is also going to tell me what is best for me. His knowledge and expertise, and the personal touch, have all led to great results. My experience with Dr. Smith and his staff, Lisa, danielle and his fantastic aesthetician jennifer, is why I will continue to come to the Center for Aesthetic Surgery for all my aesthetic needs. Thank You!

    Darcie M. *

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Smith for 7 years. When I met with Dr. Smith for the first time, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, professional skills and caring attitude. Dr. Smith will assist you in determining the best current and professional procedures based upon your individual needs. Through the years, I have relied on Dr. Smith’s continuing expertise and commitment to providing the best of care. I highly recommend Dr. Jesse Smith for any facial and cosmetic procedure.

    Meryl B. *

  • Dr. Smith was very thorough in explaining the procedure, the recovery, and the results I could expect. He is detailed, takes his time, and has excellent mannerisms. On one occasion, I had a concern, and he made a special trip from surgery to the office to ensure I was well. Dr. Smith’s staff is outstanding! I highly recommend Dr. smith!

    Bertie P. *

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Smith for several years, and every visit is the same….friendly and courteous staff, always runs on time, and I leave knowing Dr. Smith did his best to turn back the clock. He is very honest about what I can be achieved, and I appreciate that he takes the time to explain what can be done. Thank You dr. Smith!

    Cheryl D. *

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