• Amber D.


    Dr. Smith was a lucky find for me. I suffered from an extreme deviated septum that impacted my breathing and was ugly to boot! I went to Dr. Smith initially due to ear issues. While under his care, my ear issues have been minimized, he referred me to a knowledgeable allergist that helped me find a solution to allergies that were causing me headaches, and he also diagnosed a tmj issue that I have that was missed by several other doctors. In my opinion, he is the type of doctor that gets straight to the point and does his very best to find the solution. He is solution driven and they may be off putting for some patients based on other reviews that I have read, but not me. He refused to work on my nose until he was certain that I did not have sinusitis. I appreciate that as I would have had issues down the line without that clarification. His work on my nose is nothing short of phenomenal. My extreme deviated septum is corrected and the cosmetic solution is just beautiful. I really hope he uses my photos to show proof of what a talented doctor he really is. And guess what else…I can breathe!!!

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