• Birte H.


    I have been coming to see Dr. Smith and Jennifer Schumacher for almost 5 years now. Living in Southlake, we are lucky to have so many choices in our doctors and aestheticians. I have never once been disappointed in the care which I have received. My skin is very important to me and therefore I am quite choosy when it comes to picking someone to care for it. I do quite a bit of research on my own in regard to products, doctors and treatments.

    Dr. Smith has an extremely keen eye for aesthetics and I am so genuinely pleased that he has continued to enable me to look much younger. He takes his time to listen to my concerns and always ensures that we are both in synchronization.

    Jennifer certainly knows her treatments and how to “read” what my skin requires. She has continuously provided excellent service for me. My skin truly looks amazing and I am not shy to mention the many compliments which I have received. I see Jennifer regularly!

    Both have contributed greatly to my skin care and I am deeply grateful! The clinic offers a variety of treatments and choices. The medical field is always coming out with new advances in skin care. Here, I can find new and well-researched and tested remedies which keep me looking my personal best. Dr. Smith and Jennifer have always been forthcoming and very kind to me. In fact, my entire family comes here as well!

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