• S. M.


    Where do I start? Dr. Smith and his team are amazing! Each and every one of them treat you like you are the most important person there. They are not afraid of your questions, in fact, they encourage them. Dr. Smith had to perform a very in depth procedure on my mom’s face for her cancer. She was pretty distraught about it before she went to her initial consultation with him. Dr. Smith and Sheri took the time to console her, explained everything in detail to both of us and showed us pictures of what to expect. We both left feeling so much better! After the first surgery, Dr Smith explained EXACTLY what he did and why. He even drew me a picture so I could completely understand. When we had questions after surgery, someone was available immediately to answer our questions every time. Every single visit to the office was a delight. Michelle is amazing! She knows her stuff and loves to show/tell you how and why they do what they do. They truly care about each and every patient. They take the time to personally talk with you, not just type notes in a computer and never look at you. Dr. Smith’s work is phenomenal! We are on step 2 of a possible 3-4 step process and it looks amazing! I am so excited to see the end result. And let’s not forget Cassie, the therapy dog. What a GREAT blessing she is. She is there to help calm patients. She is so sweet and calm herself. Dr. Smith and his team are a great model of what a doctor’s office should look like, run like and treat others like.

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