• Tips for a Successful Hair Transplant Recovery Process


    Hair transplant surgery offers you the chance to regain your self-confidence and once more enjoy a healthy, full head of natural hair. Today’s procedures are far more effective, less painful, and require far less recovery time than they once did. However, there are still things that you will need to know to ensure a successful hair transplant recovery process.

    1. Downtime Matters

    First and foremost, make sure you get plenty of downtime. The first 24 hours are critical – you should have no activity during this period. After the first day or so, you can begin to resume some of your normal activities, but your doctor will probably recommend that you limit your more strenuous activities for a bit longer.

    2. Avoid Exercise and Strenuous Activities

    While the first 72 hours of recovery after a hair transplant procedure are the most critical, you will need to take it easy for some time to come. Most doctors recommend avoiding exercise and other strenuous activities for about two weeks after a hair transplant. The point is to avoid increasing blood flow to the scalp too much during this time, so you’ll want to avoid certain activities and even physical motions, such as:

    • Bending at the waist (bend at the knees, instead)
    • Jogging or running
    • Sit-ups or push-ups

    Any activity that increases blood pressure in the scalp or that leads to significant sweating should be avoided during this period.

    3. Don’t Wash Up Just Yet

    You will need to avoid washing your hair for the first 72 hours after the hair transplant procedure. This gives your scalp time to heal. Once that period is over, you can wash your hair gently. Don’t apply the shampoo directly to your head, though. Put a few drops of shampoo in a cup, add water, shake it to mix and lather it up, then pour that over your scalp before rinsing with clean water. During the first week after the procedure, keep your head out of the direct spray from the showerhead, as well.

    4. Skip the Headwear

    Yes, it’s natural to want to put a hat on, but you need to avoid that for the first seven days or so. After that period, you can wear a loose-fitting hat, but avoid anything that fits tightly. After five days, you can wear any type of headwear you want.

    5. Alcohol and Nicotine

    Alcohol thins the blood, so it’s important to avoid it for the first five days or so after the procedure. For nicotine, you need to be smoke-free for about four weeks before and after the procedure due to the effect that nicotine has on blood pressure and decreasing blood flow.

    6. Scratching/Itching and Sunlight

    Your scalp will itch during the healing process. Do not scratch it. You need to let the scabs form and the healing process to proceed naturally. For the same reason, keep your scalp out of direct sunlight for about two weeks.

    As you can see, the recovery process for today’s hair transplant procedures is not all that grueling. Follow the basic tips above and you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy, full head of hair in no time at all.

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